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Adding Peek A Boo Shapes To Your Sews!

Amy Jensen

Posted on May 05 2020

     Adding peek a boo shapes to your patterns is a whole lot easier than you may think. In this short blog I will be showing you just how simple it is.


    First you will need to cut out your pattern. Cut all of your pieces as you normally would and cut one additional back piece for a lining.


     On the wrong side of your back lining piece draw or trace the shape that you want. Don't make your shape too big!


     Lay your two back pieces right sides together and pin around the shape so that it doesn't shift.


     Sew along the trace line that you made. Using a shorter stitch is easier so you can adjust your fabric angle when the lines change direction. 


     Cut out the center of the shape (both layers) leaving about 1/4" seam, make sure to clip edges and curves like you normally would. 


     Take your lining layer and turn it through the hole you made. 


     Push out the shape so the seams all lay flat again.


      That's it for the shape itself. Sew the pieces now as you normally would but make sure you are sewing both layers as your back piece so that the lining stays with the outer piece. 

     And you're done! I used the Rozzlyn Dress for this blog. You can use just about any pattern but keep in mind that a looser fit pattern may not display the shape as well as a slim fit. 


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