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Becoming a Pattern Tester

Amy Jensen

Posted on November 04 2018

Let's talk about pattern testing!
     Have you been trying to become a pattern tester and struggled to get picked? I chatted with Jamie and a few of her top pattern testers to get the best advice to give to you.
     Let's start with Jamie's advice since she makes the patterns bahaha! I asked Jamie what she sees as the best qualities in her pattern testers and here is what she is looking for.
  1. Picture quality
  2. Be active in sewing groups and the Max and Meena Group
  3. Give proper measurements


     Once in a pattern tester group make sure you are active and testing all of the versions and giving feedback. Those that only do one test or don't give feedback are most likely not going to be chosen for future testing. 


     One of Max and Meena's top testers is Jessica Rabbit. Her advice to getting picked????? Jessica says "Sharing your makes often so you are more known in the online sewing world." "Photo advice would be to take your picture outside as as often as the weather allows."


     Let's talk about outdoor photography for a second. Most photographers will tell you that Golden Hour is the best time to take photos. Golden hour is the short time before sunset or after sunrise when the sun is closer to the horizon. This produces warm soft lighting for photos and less harsh as middle of the day photos.


     I personally prefer just after golden hour in the morning for photos. They often are still warm and not quite as harsh as photos taken in the middle of the day with the sun being such a high contrast. 

 Here is a photo taken right before golden hour, still a higher contrast but not as harsh on the eyes.


Compared to a middle of the day photo. Notice how it is more harsh on your eyes looking at how bright it is on the subject.



Now lets talk a little about editing your photos. Sometimes you have to take photos inside or in less than ideal shooting situations and may need to edit your photos to be more appealing.


     Photos on the right are more appealing to most people and more likely to be chosen by a pattern tester. Many times photos just need a little brightness adjustment to make them the most appealing. Dark and unfocused pictures are not going to grab anyone's attention.


     Another thing to consider is the subject in your photo. Make sure your photo isn't too busy where someone looking at it may be distracted by other things, keep a simple or natural background. Always focus on what you are trying to promote. If you are promoting the pattern make sure that the pattern you made is well shown and the best will even showcase some of the selling features that pattern may have like the add ons or pockets. You may have the most beautiful daughter but the picture isn't going to sell the pattern if her long beautiful hair is covering most of her outfit. Showcase what you made! Make sure your subject isn't so far away that someone trying to see the pattern has to zoom in on your photo. 


     Once in a pattern testing group remember to give accurate measurements, give good feedback about the pattern, what you love and don't love and what you may think needs to change. If you don't give feedback Jamie won't know what needs fixing! 


     To recap, practice you photography skills and take lots of photos so you have options to choose from, stay active in sewing groups, and aim for more natural lighting in your photos. If you have made it to the end use code blog05 for $12.95 off your order at Only available for the first 5 to actually read the blog then they are gone! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jane tremblay : May 16, 2019

    i would love to become a pattern tester. I am a very advance sewer and canspend many hrs a day sewing. i also have a DSL camera with a expo disc and understand lighting, editing, and styling

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