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Comparing Max And Meena Pants

Amy Jensen

Posted on June 08 2018



     Sometimes having too many choices can be overwhelming and make it hard for you to choose what pattern will be right for you. In this blog I will compare the fit and style of 5 different pants all made by Max and Meena. Footies, Joggers, Parachute Pants, Yogaloones, and Maxaloones.

     Let's start with a comparison chart to show some of the main things you may be looking for in pants pattern.


     Footies are part of the bringing home baby series. They make the perfect pants for littles who do a lot of kicking and squirming making those little socks fall off. We've all been there, baby is in the carrier and a stranger comes up and tells you that your baby is missing a sock.... and you have no idea when it actually fell off. Footies are a loose fitting pant with attached feet so that those little tootsies stay warm and also help keep socks on. 
     They range from size preemie to 24 months, come with two rise options, and a bum circle option. 
     Joggers are a very popular pattern, many kids with sensory issue love the fit of joggers because they are an overall baggy fit but still fitted with cuffs at the ankles. 
     They range in size from Preemie to youth 14/16 making them a great option to fit all of your kids until they are in adult sizes. They have a high or low-rise option, optional bum circle, and because of the loose fit you can use knit, woven, fleece, or flannel for the pants piece ( you will still need cotton lycra or stretch fabric for the bands)
Parachute Pants
     Parachute Pants are a fun trendy pant pattern. They are loose in the hips with a drop crotch and overall just a fun design. These pants are fitted in the lower legs with a cuff bottom.
     Sizes range from newborn - 14/16, you get two length options or either shorts or pants and two pocket options, and an optional bum circle option. 
     Does your kid hate anything tight touching them? Looking for a comfy pattern to let your kid lounge around in? Yogaloones are going to be your best option!
     These pants are baggy fit with a large fold over waistband (although you could cut the waist piece in half to make the band shorter)
     Bonus*** These pants have a free momma version as well when you join the Max & Meena group on Facebook. 
Ultimate Maxaloones
     If you have or had a kid in cloth diapers you have probably heard of the Maxaloones. They are known for the bum circle which allows extra space for fluffy cloth diaper bums but are used on disposable diaper and potty trained kiddos alike. 
     These pants are also known for their long waist and ankle cuffs that allow the pants to fit through multiple sizes and saving parents a lot of money! There are four sizes available ranging from newborn to 5 years old. There is only a pant option in the pattern however many have simply cut the pattern about 2 inches below the crotch inseam point and cut the leg bands in half to make "shortiloones"
     Bonus options for Maxaloones can also be found the in facebook group files including dollyloones and a skirtaloones add on. 


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