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Kangaroo Pouch Pillows

Amy Jensen

Posted on August 19 2019


Kangaroo Pouch Pillows

See the video tutorial here.


     I had so much fun sewing up this beautiful strike from Rockerbye Destash for their round X open August 16th - September 1st. I am going to take you along step by step how to make one for yourself. 
     Kangaroo pouch pillows are perfect for everyone. Throw pajamas in the pouch for safe keeping, stow away your book and book light for traveling. Keep your child's lovie in a safe space when on the go. 
     First you will need a few things.
  • A pillow of choice. You can purchase a pillow at a craft store, make one yourself, or upcycle an outdated pillow.
  • Cutting tools
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Sewing machine 
  • Ruler
  • Fabric for the pillow cover, I like minky the best but you can get creative and choose what you like.
  • Optional binding piece for the pocket edge. I like FOE(fold over elastic) but you can use double bias tape or hem the edge. FOE will help keep the pocket tighter. 


     Cut your fabric pieces. You will cut the two pillow cover pieces using the same measurements as your pillow. If your pillow is 16" x 16" then your fabric pieces will also be 16" x 16". Your pouch piece will be the same width and your pocket height will be 1/2 - 3/4 the pillow height. 

     If using FOE cut the piece an inch shorter that the width of your pillow. If using a binding that does not stretch you will cut it the same width.


     Finish the top edge of your pouch piece using your choice of finish, FOE, bias tape, or fold over and topstitch. 

     Place you pouch piece on top of the right side of your front pillow piece. Wrong side of pouch will touch the right side of the front piece. 
     Place the back piece over both the pouch and front piece so that right sides are together.
     Pin and sew leaving a turn hole at the top big enough to fit your pillow through. Use a 1/4" seam allowence.
     Once sewn, clip your corners, turn through the hole you left and push out the corners to make them nice and square. 
     Stuff your pillow through the hole you left at the top.
     Last step is to finish your turn hole with a ladder stitch. I made a video on YouTube for this pattern and it may be easier to watch than to describe a ladder stitch. Click here for the video. 
That's it! Quick sew and oh so fun for everyone! 


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