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**Slight seconds** 3 yard PRE CUT Mixed Tapes COTTON LYCRA

**Slight seconds** 3 yard PRE CUT Mixed Tapes COTTON LYCRA

$ 57.00

****This is only 2nds quality because it is not as crisp as it should have printed. It still looks awesome as it is but it does not match the panels set we have so it is not fair to sell it as 1st quality.**** See pics

Mixed Tapes: Coordinate


SIZE: 3 yard

Digitally printed

PRE-CUT. If you order continuous yardage it will be in 3 yard cuts.


Minor flaws may occur. We do our best to cut around flaws. In the event that a flaw is close to the end of the cut, a couple extra inches of fabric will be given to make up for the flaw instead of wasting an entire cut of fabric (YAY! who doesn't love extra fabric?!). Flaws within 2-3 inches of the salvage are not considered flaws. If you have any issues with your fabric once it arrives you will have three days to contact Jamie at maxandmeena@gmail.com with your issues.

If additional shipping is required for your order then you will be invoiced for the remaining amount and your order will not ship until it is paid.

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